Freemap 3D

Important note! This is once again functional due to fixing various WebGL spec changes. Lighting now works too :-) OSM data includes selected areas of southern and northern England and Wales.

This is a demo application to render OpenStreetMap data in 3D using WebGL. This is a very early version, so it's not that impressive yet, but nonetheless you can navigate around and OSM data will be downloaded from Freemap and shown as coloured lines of different width depending on what sort of way it is (see key). Only ways with a highway tag are shown. Use the up and down arrow keys to move forward and back, and the left and right arrow keys to rotate the viewpoint (camera), and P and L to move up and down. Requires a WebGL-compatible browser, e.g. Firefox 4.0+.

Start point is Fernhurst, West Sussex, UK (lat 51.05 lon -0.72). Change to: