What is Freemap?

Freemap is a (now old - in existence since 2004) project to create free maps of the UK countryside, using OpenStreetMap data to create the maps.

Map key

Note how some paths and tracks are shown in black and white only. These are paths and tracks for which walkers' rights are unknown, i.e. it is not known whether they are walkable or private.

It should be said that Freemap is an old project which sees occasional updates, mostly because I want to experiment with something (e.g a recent switch from Kothic to Tangram) but is no longer under active development... unfortunately I now have little time to spend on it. This does mean that there are some odd quirks like some lakes in the Lake District not showing, as the underlying database does not support multipolygon relations, and it probably looks a little long-in-the-tooth.

It is unlikely Freemap will see much further development simply because I lack the time. Nonetheless it remains online as, despite its limitations, you might find it useful.

Android app - OpenTrail

Freemap has an accompanying Android app, OpenTrail. With OpenTrail you can add and share notes "in the field" on your device: these will be uploaded to the database. Furthermore, you can record a walking route while out walking, add notes to it, upload to the Freemap server and share with others.

Furthermore, OpenTrail features the ability to download and "play" existing walking routes - so you'll be able to see walk route directions presented to you on your Android device while out walking!

Source code

Freemap source code is available via gitlab; see here. The SVN repository is no longer being maintained.

Nick Whitelegg (OSM username: nickw)

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