OpenTrail - Freemap for Android

Freemap has a full featured Android app - OpenTrail. It provides many of the features of a typical OSM mobile app, but with a few unique features, in particular the ability to report path problems and add points of interest and path directions in the field, as well as present these live to you in the field while you are out walking.

OpenTrail screenshot

What can you do with OpenTrail?


OpenTrail 0.4 (the most recent version) is available on Google Play.

Missing features?

If there are any things you would like to see added, or have ideas for features that could make it to the next release, please email me (Nick Whitelegg, nickw on OSM)

Source code

OpenTrail is an open-source application (GPL; libraries are LGPL): see the OpenTrail gitlab page.

Privacy policy

OpenTrail does not currently send any personal information (such as your Google login) to the Freemap server. All data sent (i.e. your notes and their location, and your walk routes including latitude and longitude of your track) is completely anonymous. The Freemap site administrator will then authorise your data if it is legitimate and non-offensive. It is planned in a future version to allow you to login to Freemap via OpenTrail. Even then, login information will only be used to allow auto-authorisation of contributions by legitimate users.

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