Other stuff...

This page collects together various online and standalone software that I have developed over the years. Much of it is for historical interest only, but some of it may be useful to you and it's all open source so needs to be offered for download somewhere :-)

Online software

Source code for all online software, and OpenTrail is available via Gitlab at the address https://gitlab.com/nickw1/.

Freemap 3D

A demo 3D OSM viewer using WebGL and NASA SRTM height data. Available here.

Downloadable software


OpenTrail is an in-the-field Android app for walkers, using Freemap maps. Please see here.


Hikar is an augmented reality OSM app aimed at walkers and hikers, for more detail see here.


Android app for making Freemap annotations in the field. Make notes on the walk you're doing, e.g. a nice view or path blockage, and upload to the Freemap server while out on your walk. Currently requires in-the-field net access, GPS and the APK needs Android 2.1+, though the source can probably be compiled for 1.x. Available here; source code available here. NOTE:This was an experimental "first Android app" to get used to Android development; Walknotes is now incorporated into OpenTrail, above

Other software

The software below is likely to be of historical interest only, as it either runs on systems seeing little use today (FreemapMobile) or has not seen development for a number of years (e.g. Footnav). Nonetheless you might wish to use the source code in your own projects.


A JavaME client for Freemap, written mostly in summer 2008. Available here. Shows Freemap, OSM Mapnik, Osmarender, or out-of-copyright OS maps on your Java ME-enabled phone with GPS. Tested on the Nokia N95. Superseded by OpenTrail, above


A start on an OpenGL and Qt based 3D viewer of OSM and SRTM data. Not taken further as my interest shifted to WebGL and Android, but source available here should you wish to develop it further.


C++ library for developing ZX Spectrum-style 2D games on Linux and Windows systems. Comes with tutorial, documentation and simple examples. Based on SDL; developed in 2002 so not guaranteed to work with current SDL. Available here.

Old versions of Freemap

The source code for various old versions of Freemap is available here.

Other things

A range of other software can be downloaded here; browse the downloads directory. Just about all of it is for historical interest only but is open source so here goes.